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Refrigerator magnets to remind yourself not to take life too seriously

Vintage lamps and lighting so you don't lose your way

Antique industrial furniture & accessories cause rust is too cool to waste

Ergoiamtoo + your imagination = interior decorating of a different kind


Personalization is free.  Just add a note in the special instructions box at checkout or email instructions.

  Summer Special: 20% Off Fridge Magnets 

Details about magnet construction and service at bottom of page.

Magnets ship free to U.S.

   All hat, No Cattle Funny Football Player Fridge Magnet

    All hat, No Cattle Funny Football Player Fridge Magnet
    SKU: M2176





This magnet is made for you to give that guy who's always cheering for the wrong team.  It pictures a football player with message: "ALL HAT NO CATTLE."  As always, text changes are free, just add instructions to your payment.

Size: 3” x 4” (7.6cm x 10.2cm)



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Any jagged lines in the picture result from image resolution being downgraded for the web and will not appear on your magnet, nor will any part numbers or sample marks. 

The size this magnet appears to you depends on your monitor size & settings, is different for every person and I have no control over it.  You should use size info provided at left to determine whether the size works for you.


SKU: M2176

All hat, No Cattle Funny Football Player Fridge Magnet

All hat, No Cattle Funny Football Player Fridge Magnet

Details about magnet construction and service at bottom of page.  Magnets ship free to U.S.

$7.10 $5.68

 (You can always remove it later.)

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Large magnets back


Small magnets back


Q. Can you personalize or make custom magnets?
Happy to, make dozens of them every week.  Simple text changes to stock magnets are free, including eliminating all text.  Just add instructions to your payment or email me after payment. 
Sorry, I do not sell magnets of copyrighted images unless you are the copyright holder.

Q. Any special offers? 
Every order ships with at least 1 free magnet, sometimes made exclusively for you, always selected with an eye to your particular interests.

Q. Are magnets three dimensional or die cut?
Please be advised that my magnets are not three dimensional or die cut.   They are hand crafted rectangular pictures printed on flat, flexible 35ml magnetic vinyl with a  protective satin-finish top coating and hand finished edges. The magnets are roughly twice the thickness & strength of magnetic material found at office supply stores.  They are suitable for interior use.

In other languages that's: El imán es una imagen plana. L'aimant est une image plate. Der Magnet ist ein flaches Bild. Il magnete è un'immagine piatta. De magneet is een vlakke afbeelding.

Q. How strong is the magnetism?  Will it stick to my ....?
My magnets will hold a couple sheets of lightweight paper or an appointment card but are apt to fail at holding Johnny's finger-painted masterpiece slathered with a pint of tempera paint, or a stack of coupons.  The magnet covers the entire back, which means it's unlikely to be brushed to the floor by a youngster cart wheeling through the kitchen.

Magnets do not stick to all metals.   For example, magnets do not stick to stainless steel or brass.   Learn more about what kinds of metals are magnet friendly and what kinds are not.

Q. What if I don't like my magnets?
Return it within 14 days of receipt for a full refund, including return shipping, up to the amount I spent getting it to you.  (In other words, if you decide to fly it here on your jet, you're buying the fuel :).  Just email so I'll know to watch for an incoming parcel.

Q. Where are the magnets made and who makes them?
They're made in Elkhart, Indiana by Yours Truly.  I'm a 1-lady band so when you buy from me, you deal only with me.  If your order is flubbed, your complaint goes directly to the person who has the most to gain by your satisfaction

Copyrights and images
I do not knowingly sell copyrighted materials.  Please contact me if you see an image in my offerings that is contrary to this policy.

Q.  What about durability?  Will they damage my refrigerator?
They are kind to your refrigerator; no metal corners to scratch or rust, no plastic sleeves to harbor soil or moisture.  To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not soak, use abrasives or apply cleaning products containing bleach or solvents.  I've run them through the dishwasher without disaster, but they'll last longer if you keep them out of puddles, away from puppy teeth, and remember that they are not suitable for exterior use. 



Ergoiamtoo's Industrial Antiques and Fridge Magnets

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